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Our team has many years of experience in the field of food production, food supplements, medicines, dietary foods for special medical purposes and sports nutrition products. During production, we use the latest technological solutions in the processing of closed, open, solid, loose, powdery and liquid products.

We create and develop recipes at the client’s request and we conduct co-packing and co-manufacturing of promotional products and regular sales series.

We deal with both closed and open, solid, loose, powdery and liquid products. We mix the components according to the recipe indicated by the customer or create from the basics different mixtures according to our recipe.

At the last stage of processing product is encapsulated or dispensed into a selected package.

Our performance:

  1. Mixing approx. 2000 kg of any composition mixture per hour
  2. Automatic sacheting – 1500 sachets per hour
  3. Automatic packaging in doypack type packaging – 500 pieces per hour
  4. Automatic packaging in jars – up to 1200 pieces per hour
  5. Automatic encapsulation – up to 25000 capsules per hour

We offer professional consulting in the field of packaging, repacking, foiling, labeling, banding as well as packaging design.

We repack previously packed FMCG products, purchase and distribute delivered to the customer materials as part of the BTL campaign.

The work of our company is organized in a brigade system that allows simultaneous implementation of up to ten orders. The implemented HACCP quality control system minimizes the possibility of errors in the production process. Production takes place in accordance with GMP standards. We are during the process of HALAL and BRC certification.


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